Proverbs says that a desire fulfilled is a tree of life… I recently got to experience the sweetness of a desire fulfilled.

For more than 13 months I was away from my parents, and on the 22nd of October, I was due to fly to Australia to meet up with them. Like a little kid, I made a countdown chain, anticipating the arrival of this day.

The day came, and everything happened according to plan – we were finally in one another’s company! Everything we did together was so special, no matter how mundane the task, because it was all done in one another’s much desired presence.

My five favorite, memorable moments:

  1. Swimming in the Yanchep lagoon together numerous times.
  2. Celebrating my 21st birthday together with cake, coffee, and conversations.
  3. Going to the beach twice to watch the sunset.
  4. With my mom, taking a long walk on the beach and chatting.
  5. With my dad, taking a long walk around a lake and chatting.


We also got to see my dad’s brother and his family, who I haven’t seen in a very long time. They were so hospitable, generous and good to us – beyond measure. My favorite moment with them was when we ate steam boat together at home, and then took a walk in their neighbourhood under the full moon.

I’m so grateful towards the Lord for granting me this time – we made our plans, and the Lord allowed everything to happen accordingly and profoundly blessed our time together. What a great gift a godly family is.



My parents and I said goodbye again on the 12 of November.

After my break, I’ve been thinking about 1 Thes 4:16-18 – “…and so we will always be with the Lord.”

There are two things that is immeasurably sweet about my future:

One, that I’ll be with the Lord, in his very presence, face to face. What I have now with the Lord and what I’ll have then makes me think about the difference between a phone call with my parents and actually being able to be with them. I’ve never been with the Lord in the way that I will be someday, but I know that what I’ll have then will far surpass what I have now. If I can have fullness of joy in His presence here on earth, then just imagine what heaven would be like.

The other sweet reality about my future is the word “always” – forever. I will be with the Lord always! You know what that means? No happy hellos, no gloomy goodbyes – just a constantly being with Him. Oh the joy of never, ever being separated from the Lord, not now, and not ever (Rom 8:38-39) Once I’m in His presence, no distance will ever be placed between me and my precious Savior.